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Next stop on the snooker calendar is the Northern Ireland Open and my first match will be televised live on Eurosport against Kyren Wilson.

I hope you’ll all be watching as I’ll be sporting a new look when I get on the baize!

As the advert says: “Should have gone to Specsavers.” Well, I’ve been to Specsavers and from now on will be wearing their frames to assist me with my snooker.

In recent weeks, I’ve been having a few issues with my vision and thanks to the help of the team at the Wallsend branch, I’m feeling much better about my game now.

When I first tested the glasses, I couldn’t believe the difference they made; it was immediate. Making such a big change can obviously be a bit daunting but as soon as I walked into the branch and asked for assistance, the team was keen to help and took particular interest as I’m a snooker player.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put your finger on what’s not quite right and now I’ve been practising with the glasses it’s quite obvious that I was struggling to see the edges of the balls clearly on my long shots.

I’ve put in some hard practice over the past couple of weeks and have been surprised by how quickly I’ve got used to them.

Obviously this change doesn’t mean I’m going to start potting everything and I’m certainly not one to make excuses, but I am excited to go into my matches feeling more confident in what I’m doing and the shots I’m playing.

Playing Kyren at any stage of an event is always a great opportunity and being on TV will make it extra special. He’s been one of the best players of the season so far and will provide a very strong test. I’ll be doing everything in my power to make a real match of it and hoping the glasses prove to be a lucky omen.

Thanks for reading, as always.